For another year Dobrich Art Gallery initiates and hosts the plein air “The Paper” (31.08-09.09.2022). The authors and the program of the event will be presented during the official opening of the plein air on September 1st 2022 at 10:00 a.m. This year’s edition is entitled “Traces and Imprints” and is dedicated to the co-relation between the author’s handmade paper and the graphic image. The project is financed by the National Culture Fund under the Visual Arts program and the Municipality of Dobrich, in partnership with Villa di Poleta Hotel.

“The Paper” is a subject Dobrich Art Gallery initiates and works on since 1995. For decades the Gallery actively organizes international plein-airs and exhibitions dedicated to the paper attended by artists from 17 different countries.

The current project is a natural follow-up of the established tradition and provides new view points for interpretation of the paper in the context of the graphic arts. The plein-air emphasizes on the handmade author’s paper that provides unlimited opportunities to the artist for achievement of particular quality, depth and impact of the images in the artistic process. This turns the working material into an integrated part of the general concept and accomplishes the artistic cycle.

During the evening meetings of the pein-air the participants Bozhidar Tonev, Gergana Rahneva, Dona Stoyanova, Emanuela Kovach, Zoran Mishe, Monika Romenska, Nedko Nedkov, Nikolona Djanovska, Petar Lazarov and Yavora Petrova will present to the audience their ideas, projects and artistic experience.


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