„The Paper 2021“ plain-air at Dobrich Art Gallery

 „The Paper 2021“ plain-air at Dobrich Art Gallery

After a long break Dobrich Art Gallery revives the tradition of international plain-airs and exhibitions dedicated to the paper. “The Paper 2021” plain-air (01-10 September) is the new event in the gallery schedule. In the beginning of 2021 our team developed a project titles “Paper and color” that current sequel is focused on the collage. The project was approved and financially supported by Dobrich Municipality. The gallery provided working space and basic materials to the participants who were accommodated in Villa di Poletta hotel – our partner in this initiative. Co-organizer of the event is the Association of Dobrich Artists.

The plain-air was formally opened on September 2nd at 10:00 in Hall 10 of the gallery. The Deputy Mayor for Humanitarian Activities in the Municipality of Dobrich, Dr. Emilia Baeva delivered a speech. A press conference with the partners and participants was held after the opening.

The plain-air is designed on festival principle and comprises many and various activities. The participants are: Vera Peneva, Krassimira Drenska, Zhenya Adamova, Tzvetelina Maksimova, Nedko Nedkov, Penka Dimitrova, Veneta Veleva, Vesselin Damyanov – Ves, Rumen Nechev, Ivan Velchev, Valery Chakalov. The evening program includes personal presentations of the artists who acquainted the visitors with their international activities, concepts and creative searches.

Our team developed a project for catalogue of the event that was approved by the Ministry of culture and financed within “Events organized by museums and art galleries in the field of movable cultural heritage and visual arts” project session for 2021.

The plain-air was finalized  with an exhibition of works created during the ten festival days and within a month after its completion the catalog will be published.


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