National Academy of Fine Arts – Ceramics and design of porcelain and glass

On October 14, 2021 (Thursday) with a vernissage from 17:00 to 19:00 the Department of Ceramics and Porcelain and Glass Design will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the National Academy of Fine Arts with an exhibition in Dobrich Art Gallery. The exposition presents works of the department professors – ceramics, porcelain and glass works, as well as diploma projects of students graduated in recent years through photographs.

Ceramics Department was founded at the dawn of the National Academy of Fine Arts. The training in ceramics starts in 1904 with the appointment of Prof. Stefan Dimitrov which is a search for a way for the ancient tradition of ceramics to find an adequate place in contemporary art from the kick-off. Over the years a number of important professors such as Prof. Stoyan Raynov, Prof. Venko Kolev and Georgi Kolarov, Prof. Krassimir Dzhidrov, Prof. Ivana Eneva have established the department as one of the leaders in the National Academy of Fine Arts. During its development it has formed a number of prominent artists using ceramics as a means of expression – Zdravko Manolov, Antonina Konzova, Jova Raevska and others.

Today the training in the Ceramics is in accordance with the modern aspects of the ceramic art based on the individual artistic practice. The main goal is to train specialists in the field of contemporary art ceramics and arts intended for the public environment, creation of unique author series, as well as acquisition of in-depth knowledge in the field of ceramic technology. The specialty has a well-developed technological and material base allowing the realization of all kinds of unique searches in modern ceramics.

Professors: prof. Bozhidar Bonchev, associate prof. Martin Petkov, associate prof. Dr. Momchil Mirchev, chief assistant Dr. Yana Yunakova, chief assistant Dr. Nadya Teknedzhieva, senior lecturer Dr. Rossen Toshev

Specialty “Design of porcelain and glass”, part of the Department of “Ceramics and Porcelain and Glass Design” at the National Academy of Fine Arts – Sofia has a 50-years history and was founded to educate staff in the field of fine ceramics and glass design for the needs of silicate production. Over the years the direction undergoes transformations that follow modern trends including also interior design solutions and mastering architecture.

“Porcelain and Glass Design” is a complex specialty which structure comprises two areas – “Porcelain and Fine Ceramics” and “Glass” with a built comprehensive integration. The Department is the only nationwide center for highly qualified artists-designers training in design studios and manufacturing plants for porcelain, fine ceramics and glass. The studios are provided with a rich base allowing work with almost all classic and modern techniques. In their work in the two main areas the students study enhanced computer 3D design and the features of 3D printing in model building. The department has technologists who have proven themselves as leading specialists.

Professors: prof. Georgi Georgiev, prof. Mitko Dinev, prof. Yordan Stoyanov, eng. Dr. Vassil Harizanov, chief assistant Dr. Krasen Troanski, assistant Dr Elizar Milev, Borislav Korudzhiev


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