Retrospective exhibition “Civilization” of Dimitar Yankov

On October 20, 2022 in Dobrich Art Gallery was opened the retrospective exhibition “Civilization” of the sculptor Dimitar Yankov. The exhibition includes 27 artworks created in different periods of the artist’s work. Although he has participated in numerous collective and 16 personal exhibitions, Dimitar Yankov has chosen his native town Dobrich for his first solo exhibition in Bulgaria.

The exhibition is both retrospective and jubilee for the author, who turned 70 this year. Spare in words, Dimitar Yankov heartily thanked the present colleagues, friends and connoisseurs and shared that he feels his work and the exhibition as a debt to the city that has awakened his creative potential. Zahari Stoyanov’s’ monument placed in front of the Youth Center in Dobrich, is the artist’s first donation to his hometown.

The exhibition includes small sculptures, characteristic of the beginning of the artist’s creative career, and large-scale compositions, such as he works at a later stage and at the present time.

The author pays special attention to communication between people (“Dialogue I”, “Dialogue II”, “Meeting”), between man and nature (“The Old Man and the Sea”, “Spring”, “Sunrise”), loneliness and alienation (” The Road’, ‘The Window’, ‘Mr. Nobody’). The figures are dynamic, expressing tension (“Diogenes”) or ready to move at any moment (“Carmen”).

Highly valued abroad, the sculptor has been living and working in Dobrich for the past few years.

You can visit the exhibition until November 15, 2022. We are expecting you!


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