Dobrich Art Gallery successfully finalized the “Paper – Traces and Imprints” 2022 financed by National Fund “Culture” within “Visual Arts” Program. The finishing touch of the project is the film about the plein air and the catalogue.

The Exhibition
Tearing off moments from his days and nights the artist often dives into spaces that not always coexist with the normal. Just opposite! They often reformat the normal, turn it into enigma or uncover other visions to the human spiritual path. Not the big words but the tiny sparkles that appear in you while watching a painting, listen music or reading a book, are the spiritual traces you follow within and rediscover yourself. Such thoughts came up into my mind visiting the exhibition of “Paper – Traces and Imprints” 2022.

I often ask: What does the artist tell me? And answer myself: He talks to himself and his intuition tells him that others could also have similar associations. And in the torn paper of the artwork I feel the mighty that reminds eternity but turns into sand hiding the drop of life. – “Untitled”, “Obelisk”

Marbles and falling pieces of childhood puzzle. How once we have gazed into the colors of the little round marble. And what there is in it – some wings, some skies, and some nebulae. Today I watch these little round worlds through a very old window, with other landscapes and these artworks are just “This once has been as well!” – “Marbles I”, “Marbles II”

Familiar feeling. Someday I will be a still figure in the blue infinity. It does not matter whether I am walking or sitting. I will carry my path, my meetings, my memories, and will share them with the loneliness. The one that is probably the whole our life with pinned here and there signs – meetings, memories, roads… – “Walking figure”, “Sitting figure”

Confused people wandering in the meaning within the huge knowledge of the sky. The irradiance of Zoran’s artworks is like sensing the cosmic breeze on your skin and if you do not find the hollow of the faith flying by you, your spirit will stumble in the endless fears of the crucifixion. – “A walk to the Dry River”, “On the way to Shan Kaya”

The black and the white contain all other colors. And among that fan of colors is the symbol – creator and guardian of all existent. But we are already so distant from the ancient teachings and myths that it is difficult in our limited material world to sense the spiritual signs on our endless human path. – “White fish”, “Black fish”

The pages we have closed with our eyes wide open to the knowledge that is constantly going away from us. And only in the workshop of the time we can find debris of the stone scriptures still remained in our souls. And the human theatre more often and often hits the white wall remaining from the forgotten text. – “Page 1”, “Page 2”

There, where the childhood and the youth come back to us, where the remains of tenderness dream us again in order to look more complete or rather decorate the matter that sometimes is so boring, stenciled and hateful… It is not late to continue in the memory, to follow its traces. – “My memory boxes – Form VIII”, “My memory boxes – Form IX”

I feel something from Radichkov in these two artworks, something untold that keeps walking around me and is just about to appear. And if suddenly some part reveals itself, immediately disappears in the familiar curves of my path. – “Traces I”, “Traces II”

These two artworks look like pages of somebody’s diary. Fragments that suggest that something has happened or is happening, fragments in which the days, months and years have contained distant events. And only in the endless changes of the Moon you feel that the happening continues. – “Sheet 1/9”, “Sheet 2/9”

Pastoral! It is so difficult to insert this beautiful word in the present world. But maybe just in it I sense the artistic inventions of Yavora Petrova in her paintings “Newborn” and “Golden”. I have already noticed in other occasions that the artist feels and transmits the aroma of the words in her artworks.

Sasho Serafimov


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