On November 2, 2023 (Thursday) at 17:30, in Dobrich Art Gallery will be opened the joint exhibition of Monika Romenska – Graphics and Sonia Stankova – Photography. Monika Romenska presents her works from two successive exhibitions – “Faraway Sailing” and “Caetera Desunt” (“The rest is missing”), created with a certain distance in time, but connected with each other, the second being a logical emotional continuation of the first. Sonia Stankova participates in the joint project with art photography. Using various techniques, she presents the world transformed through the lens, creating an abstract environment with two-dimensionality of the image, which, transformed into a photograph, becomes real. “Because only a real image can be captured.” (S. Stankova)

Monika Romenska

Born on December 5, 1958 in Plovdiv

1983 – graduated from the National Academy of Arts – Sofia, majoring in “Graphics” under Prof. Dr. Evtim Tomov

1990 – Founding member of the Society of Plovdiv Artists.

1989 – Founding member of the group “EDGE” and “Women of the EDGE”, with whom she participated in joint exhibitions and actions. She has held 31 personal exhibitions. Participant in 36 curatorial projects and over 25 prestigious international exhibitions and forums. Works in the field of fine print, paper, object and installation.

Member of the UBA. Editor of the Permanent Exhibition “Mexican Graphics” at the City Art Gallery – Plovdiv.

Sonya Stankova

Graduated from “Julius Fucik” Polygraphy and Photography Technical School – Sofia, “Pedagogy of Fine Arts” at PU “Paisiy Hilendarski” – Plovdiv, Master photographer from AMTFA – Plovdiv.

Since 1982, she has been working as a studio photographer and photojournalist.

Since 1990, she has been a freelance artist, working for various periodicals and advertising campaigns, her photographs have been published in specialized photography magazines. Participates in national and international exhibitions, curatorial projects, events and initiatives. Winner of prestigious national awards for photography.

Member of the UBA since 2016. Lecturer in photography at AMTFA “Prof. Asen Diamandiev” – Plovdiv.


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