On March 10th 2022 the artist Tzvetan Kazandjiev presented his personal exhibition “The Path…” containing over 90 artworks in graphic and painting messages to Dobrich audience.

During the meeting with students from “St. Kliment Ohridski” School and the public visiting the event the artist shared the genesis of the idea for “The Path” exhibition. For him the life paths is ultimately connected with the art and the creative experiment, starting in 1990s in the field of graphic techniques, enriched and broaden within the timeframe in drawing, aquarelle and painting. A path of the free and ever searching spirit self-realized in the firm decision to be an artist followed by years of devotion to the calling in which the process is more significant than the destination of the travelling – a path the artist walks on with confidence toward the synthesis of graphics, drawing, aquarelle and painting to reach the impressive abstract realities, compositions inhabited with imaginary figures and meditative conditions.

”My sensitivity toward particular text,… particular words combinations or even separate words affects me subconsciously, I pay them more attention and it makes me embody them in ”figures” in my painting or aquarelle phrases, in drawing or visual flutters and points of the creative act.” /Tzvetan Kazandjiev/

The exhibition can be seen until March 28th 2022. We are expecting you!


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