“Natural Space” Exhibition

On February 8, 2024 (Thursday) at 17:30, the Project “Natural Space” Exhibition will be opened in Dobrich Art Gallery. The exposition includes 73 works by Austrian and Bulgarian artists and is dedicated to the special and dynamic relationship between man and nature.

“Depictions of nature have always had an essential place in artistic work. The fascination results from the ambivalence of the concept of nature: nature as a place of longing for a supposedly pristine, paradisiacal state and at the same time as a place of danger and extremes.

The theme has inspired kunstraumarcade artists for several exhibitions in recent years. In 2021, the central theme is “The Garden” as a corner of longing. In 2022 the exhibition “Nature Space Garden” followed with the participation of Austrian and Bulgarian artists from kunstraumarcade at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute “Dom Wittgenstein” in Vienna.

The works offer grounds for reflection and invite us to rethink our own relationship to the precious natural spaces. To stop, to restore nature as a source of strength and inspiration, to realize it as the foundation of our own existence is the order of the day.”

Before being seen by the public in Dobrich, in the autumn of 2023, the project was presented in other two exhibition spaces in Bulgaria – Regional History Museum Sofia /The Triangular Tower of Serdika/ and International Society “Elias Canetti” – Canetti House.

At the opening, connoisseurs, citizens and guests of our city will get acquainted with some of the authors presented in the exhibition. The special guest of the event will be the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria in the Republic of Bulgaria, Dr. Radostina Ivanova-Mischineva.

We are expecting you!


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