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The collection of works represents the high professional level of the Bulgarian graphic school between 50s and 90s of the last century. The exponents are created by painters from different generations using different technics – drawings, etching, lithography, aquatint, linocut, painters’ authors’ technics etc.

Vesselin Staikov, Nikolai Raynov, Vassil Zahariev, Dimitar Draganov, Sidoniya Atanassova and Zaffir Yonchev are presented with the first graphics in the collection. Their creations join the national art tradition starting with the Bulgarian Revival prints and the contemporary aesthetic notion. The woodprint was the favorite graphic technic during the first decades of 20th century. At that time started the parallel usage of metal technics of high and deep print called etching, linocut etc.

In 50s of the last century the subject of the major part of the Bulgarian works of art was determined by the socialist reality. But man and nature of Dobrudzha were also an inspiration for works not baring the features of the declaratory-propaganda epos. In 60s the stylistics was influenced by the decorative-monumental art: the compositions were dynamic and the figures had aggregated forms.


Atanass Neykov

Monument area

Valentin Stefanov

The lithography and color print, the screen printing and technics of metal engraving contributed to the enrichment of the graphic art. The graphics of Eftim Tomov, Georgi Kovachev, Mana Parpulova, Yulii Minchev, Atanass Neykov, Anastasiya Panayotova, Zhana Kosturkova, Mihail Petkov, Rumen Skorchev, Borislav Stoev, Simeon Venov, Lyuben Dimanov are the spiritual steppingstone for the engravers of the next generations.

The different tendencies and emphatic expression in the works of the painters Ivan Ninov,Yordanka Radeva, Stoyan Tsanev, Stoimen Stoilov, Nikolay Maystorov, Zahari Kamenov etc. are characteristic for the intensive development of the graphic art in 70s and 80s of 20th century. The middle of the decade was marked by some changes in the figurative language and graphic approaches. Mixed medias combined both with abstract and figural forms in the works of Milko Bozhkov, Mariya Duhneva, Valentin Stefanov, Yavora Petrova, Vesselin Nachev, Mariya Zafirkova, Kolyo Karamfilov etc. create a sign effect on the visitors.

Monument area

Valentin Stefanov

The authors’ prints of Ivanka Sokerova or the geometric constructions of Nikola M. Daskalov are small in size but diversified.

The graphics of the exposition are various in artistic and technics implementation – from the traditions to the global progress of the figural and conceptual expression of the graphic art.

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