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“Paper” is a subject Dobrich art gallery works on for many years. The first exhibition is organized in September 1995. For decades the gallery actively initiates and organizes international plein-airs and exhibitions dedicated to the paper with 153 participants from 18 countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Finland, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Belarus, Moldova. The exhibitions have been displayed in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Dimitrovgrad and other cities. They are promoted through catalogues and CDs.

The paper is connected with the historical path of the humans and is significant for its spiritual growth. In the artist’s hands the fine material becomes a mean of expression, matter intertwining ideas and interventions that turn it into an art piece.

Cat footsteps

Moica zlocarnic

Paper Legion

Marcel Bunea

In “The Paper” Hall you will be convinced in the rich potential and the transformations the paper gets through in order to be presented in two-and three-dimensional artworks, conceptual works, objects and installations. The exposition presents the creative quests of artists prominent in the contemporary art life, working in different genres and streams of the fine arts but gathered by the creative experiment. Vladimir Ovcharov, Angel Stanev, Milko Bozhkov, Anna Boyadzhieva, Kolyo Karamfilov, Verzhinia Markarova, Rossitza Trendafilova, Tzvetelina Maksimova are just a part of the authors presented in the exposition, that have crossed the traditional borders and categories in art. In their art pieces we find preserved the authenticity and the natural structure of the paper as an expressive mean and the influence of the graphic and painting techniques, incorporated in it.

Included are works of artists from different genetrations. We find the rich plastic qualities of the paper in the artworks of Assadur Markarov, Elena Panayotova, George Farkashiou and Dona Stoyanova. The picturesque construction by Yordan Parushev and the graphic approach of Genoveva Rogova complement and enrich the exposition of Dobrich Art Gallery.

Paper Legion

Marcel Bunea

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