9 May – 4 June 2024

Dobrich Art Gallery

The joint exhibition of Zhelko Terziev, Kalina Dimitrova and Krasimir Terziev in Dobrich Art Gallery presents a selection of works created in the period 2000 – 2024, connecting the concerns of the day through different methods and in different aspects with long historical perspectives, set questions about the production and circulation of images, about the modes of their perception and embedding in the collective imaginary.

Instead of the security of the traditional art world, where artworks occupy their designated places – on the wall and on the pedestal, the current exhibition presents objects that confuse and complicate these traditional notions. Oil paint, mixed with wax (as the Egyptian encaustic masters did), becomes a material for casting a sculpture (Zhelko Terziev, “Object of Color”, 2015).

Transparent plexiglas acquires the ability to restore the roots of a withered tree (Kalina Dimitrova, “Fantoms II”, 2022). The bark of a tree, separated from the trunk, turns out to be the only remaining representation of the species, turned into firewood (Krasimir Terziev, “There are winters which no one is prepared for (spring)”, 2023). With these strange techniques and transformations of materials, the authors in the exhibition try to gather the loose ends of the complex world we live in, in which there are no more important and less important things.

Intellectual summaries are intertwined with the fun of comic characters (Zhelko Terziev, “The message is not the media II”, 2000), the concern for survival in a period of a global pandemic with the illusion of home as Noah’s ark (Krasimir Terziev, “Fantasies from the Asylum”, 2022 ), the brilliance of synthetic materials with the anxieties surrounding the destruction of the planet’s biosphere (Kalina Dimitrova, “Equilibrium”, 2022).

The title of the exhibition comes from a Romanian proverb that the grandfather of Zhelko and Krasimir Terzievi (a family of refugees from Northern Dobrudzha) used to tell in their childhood – a saying that, appears to be a key to viewing this exhibition.


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