Dobrich Art Gallery received a big donation of posters

In the eve of the Christmas holiday the gallery received a donation from prof. Lyudmil Chehlarov of 115 author poster projects and 233 printed posters, personal archive of the artist presenting his art from the 1970s to date.

Lyudmil Chehlarov was born on November 26, 1938 in Dobrich. In 1966 he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Poster under Prof. Alexander Poplilov. He started working as a poster artist at the State Satirical Theater. The posters he created there for several decades form his unique and recognizable visual style. He also works in the field of graphic design, illustration and painting. His works have been presented at numerous exhibitions home and abroad: Russia, Cuba, Italy, Canada, Germany, India, Syria, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Japan, Netherlands, France, Latin America, as well as in all major international poster forums.

He has organized personal exhibitions in Budapest, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Prague, Riga, Sofia. Winner of the UNESCO Award for Theater Poster, numerous Bulgarian awards, the UBA Special Award for Achievements in the field of graphic design. Participant and member of the jury of the International Triennial of Stage Poster in Sofia. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

Since 1991 he is an associate professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts, a lecturer in Poster and Visual Communication until 1998 and a professor in Advertising Design at the National Academy of Arts until 2008.

About him assistant Prof. Dr. Nenko Atanasov writes: “Lyudmil Chehlarov is one of the most recognizable Bulgarian poster artists. Both the Satirical Theater, where he has worked for many years, and his specific sense of humor contribute to his expressive artistic style. It is the inspiration that shapes the inimitable ironic charm instantly found in his theatrical posters. There he openly jokes about the plot of the play and often capturing the idea, provokes with the charisma and worldview of the script. Thus he enters into psychological analysis, “teasing” world and Bulgarian playwrights.

This nature organically applies to Lyudmil Chekhlarov’s academic work of – wittily unadulterated and captivating the audience. But this ease is accompanied by meticulous rigor and high standards for students. With his rich professional experience and attractive approach, Prof. Chehlarov skillfully engages his graduates in poster magic opening new horizons for them. In this field he introduces a specific approach and a different artistic essence in the teaching traditions of the Academy.

Lyudmil Chehlarov’s unique work occupies a leading place in the modern theatrical poster, determining the foundation in the development of Bulgarian poster art.

In the exhibition calendar for 2022 Dobrich Art Gallery plans to present to the public the valuable donation from Lyudmil Chehlarov.


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